2019 was a year with many changes and new challenges for Alice – New bike, new competitions and new¬†achievement¬†levels… At the beginning of 2019 Alice moved to riding for Scorpa UK, supported and maintained by Nigel Birkett Motorsport. This was a decision made by Alice after having tried the new […]

Alice’s 2019 Review

In early 2017 the ACU held their 2016 Presentation afternoon and evening, in which both Tom and Alice featured. Having won the ACU British Expert Trials Championship, Tom collected his shield during the presentation evening which was suit and tie event. Earlier the same day Alice collected here award for […]

ACU British Championship Winners 2016

Hello and Welcome! Here at Minta trials you will be able to keep up to date with the latest news on Tom and Alice Minta. They are brother and sister Motorcycle trials riders who in 2016 both won their own ACU trials championships. Tom won the ACU British Experts class […]

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