Mintex Youth Time & Observed Trial

After a very successful 2017 result, the Mintex Time and Observed trial was one that Alice was looking forward to in 2018.

This is a special event that copies the platform of the famous Scott trial where both observation and time plays a part in the total score for the rider.

Alice became the first female rider to be officially classified in the Mintex Trial in 2017. To achieve this the rider needs to finish within the standard time set by the quickest riders. With a good observed scores Alice finished the event in 2017 in 17th position. Not only making history but also really mixing it well with the boys!

2018 was much the same in course and sections but the major difference was that the beaming sun in 2017 was no where to be seen. The day before there had been heavy rain making the moors and fields slippy and muddy.

With a start number closer to the middle of the entry Alice could use other riders to pace herself against. By the first spectator sections she had caught riders in front of her and not had too many of the later, quicker riders passed.

With several fuels stops its a good chance for the parents and marshals to check with the riders that they are o.k. Each time she was asked the normal quick response of fine was given before speeding off.

Towards the end the field of riders really starts to spread out, whether this is due to fatigue or mechanical issues but this is the time when finishing positions (based on time) can really be seen.

At the finish field some of the quicker riders had finished 40 minutes before Alice came in but as soon as she crossed the line there were big smiles…..Alice likes this event!

Initially the end result disappointed Alice as it was 17th again but when looking at the bigger numbers it’s easy to see the improvements. Alice’s finishing time was 45 minutes quicker (with wetter and more difficult terrain to cover) and her observed score was 21 marks less! A great improvement and with two more years in the youth ranks she will be back two more times to push the youth lads!