ACU Ladies and Girls British Championship Round 1 – North Berks

On the 12th March it was Alice’s turn to kick off her 2017 championship season. The first round was held at Seymour Arena and run by North Berks MCC.

For 2017 Alice will be riding up a class in the Girls A Championship, this is two years ahead of the age requirement, but with Alice always interested in a challenge this allows her to ride 50% of the Ladies Route 1 and 50% of the Ladies route 2.

Knowing this was going to be a challenging year whilst riding in a higher class, Alice kept working throughout all of the sections saving dabs where possible by getting through for 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. At the end of the first lap Alice was on 26 and Ella Doherty was on 44. From here on through Alice managed her lead continuing with to save marks where possible on the tricky 50/50 route the girls were riding.

Alice ended the day on 84, happy with the finish but unhappy with some of her rides. Ella, who was the only other competitor in the class finished on 117.

The next round of the championship will be held by SSMCC on 26th March. Then Alice joins brother Tom for her first ride at the Santigosa Three Day Trial from April 14th – 16th.