ACU British Solo Championship – Westmorland

Whilst Alice made her way to the Isle Of Man for two rounds of the Youth championship, Tom made his way to Cumbria for the second round of the ACU British Solo Championship.

After a difficult start to the Championship Tom was looking for a better finish and performance in the second round hosted by Westmorland Motor Club.

Since the first round Tom has been out on the bike getting used to his new machine. In addition there have been some modifications made to the bike to make the lower end of the rev range less brutal, meaning it should be easier to control on wet/slippy ground.

With the sections plotted in woodland and banks of the Tow Top venue the changes to the bike would be beneficial as the ground would be slippy and easily catch riders out when winding on the throttle. Not ideal conditions when you don’t want the back wheel to spin!

Tom finished the first lap in 8th place having dropped 23 marks but his second lap score went up to 31 marks dropped which moved him into dangerous territory with championship returnee Jack Challoner now in touching distance.

On the final lap the rain came in and added another element to the already slippery sections meaning that even Championship leader, James Dabill ended his final lap with a double figure score, this was after dropping a total of only 5 marks on two laps. This shows how much the sections had changed.

The rain didn’t play to Tom’s advantage as he still struggled to get the very powerful 300cc Scorpa under control to give him confidence to keep his feed steady on the pegs!

At the end of the 3rd lap Tom had dropped 34 marks which was 8 more than Jack Challoner and meant that Tom moved down into 9th position but only 2 marks off 8th.

Still learning the new bike, Tom now sits 9th overall in the Championship with the next round being held by the Neath Motor Club, with what will be another testing round for all riders. Soon after this Tom moves on to a trial he’s looking forward to with the Scottish Six Day trial starting on the 7th May.

Check back soon for more updates on the Championship and SSDT.